Our services


Our menu of services are geared to offer a solution platform for our clients’ unique challenges.

Though as old as mankind, Risk Management has only gained heightened prominence and importance over the past couple of years and is increasingly recognized as an enduring and prudent way of managing business.

This realization has created a need to develop and deploy industry-specific programs that are practical and relevant while retaining an African perspective. ARI’s Open programs are inspired by this need and are delivered by individuals with a fine mix of both subject matter knowledge and sector experience coupled with international exposure to ensure relevance and practicality.

The following are our services:-

We offer an unrivalled breadth courses in risk management with an emphasis on quality and value for money. Our team formulates leading-edge programs comprising:

  • Talented Practical Trainers hand-picked from our unparalleled resource of expert practitioners.
  • Real-life topical case studies, practice exercises and interactive discussion to equip you with practical tools which can be put to immediate effective use.
  • Up-to-date well-researched course documentation which draws on our vast experience.
  • Valuable networking opportunities in a concentrated but relaxed environment.
  • On-going training programs across Africa. Please see our upcoming courses

We are continually developing new training courses in response to our client’s request. Please contact us with your request on a training program you may require.

Based on the practical experience of our core team, most organizations require training programs developed in response to their specific training needs gaps with a view to facilitating the achievement of their strategic objectives.

Our in-house training programs are specially designed and developed to deliver customized risk management training on the back of a specific need assessment. We combine the latest training techniques with relevant case studies to create innovative and engaging programs.

Our in-house programs are priced on a per-day (and not per person) basis. There is also a cap on the maximum participants per session to ensure individual attention to participants.


Africa Risk Institute prides itself in offering professional risk management certification training in partnership with institutions and established certifying bodies globally. The certificates are therefore a fine blend between industry-specific certifications and general certifications for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Like our Open programs above, our Certification programs are tailored to specific industry needs to ensure the existence of an adequate pool of certified professionals for effective industry interventions.

Currently, we have accreditation from Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) and Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI).

Under GARP we offer the following:

Under CISI we are certified to offer certifications leading to :

CISI and CMA have developed a specific certification for Kenya called the Securities Industry Certification Program

We help employers find qualified risk management candidates to fill part-time, full-time and contract jobs. This service encompasses all levels of professional experience and span a broad range of industries and companies. So are you an individual looking for a risk management opportunity? please contact us.

For our corporate partners and clients, we shorten the recruitment cycle by providing them with the final short-list of eligible candidates for specific jobs. For career seeking candidates, we provide them with various career prospects using our network. So are you a company looking to fill in a risk management vacancy? please contact us.

We have adopted the latest thinking in Risk Management which endeavours to achieve convergence of the related but hitherto silo-ed disciplines of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) into a single discipline. Our definition of GRC encompasses such processes as corporate governance, strategy and business performance, risk management, compliance, internal control, corporate security, legal, information technology, business ethics, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, quality management, human capital and culture, audit and assurance, and finance.

Our Advisory solution is tailored to individual client requirements on a case by case basis. Typically this involves:-

  • A comprehensive GAP Analysis using our well-researched 10-point Framework to help organizations draw an implementation road-map for implementing their Risk Management strategy
  • Development of the Risk Management strategy, Policy Statement, Standards, Guidelines, Risk Management Plan, and Assurance Plan, etc.
  • Development  and implementation of a comprehensive Risk Management training framework including Stakeholder Analysis, Training Need Assessment, and carrying out actual enterprise-wide (boardroom to mailroom) Training and awareness campaign
  • Development and deployment of a structure and accountability framework that include Board Risk Management Arrangements, Risk Management Working Group Manager, Risk Management, Risk Management Champions, and Risk and Control Owners, etc.
  • Development and deployment of a review and improvement mechanism including Control Assurance, Risk Management Plan Progress, Risk Management Maturity Evaluation, Risk Management KPIs, Benchmarking and Governance Reporting, etc